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Middle Aged Woman

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Casey Johnson

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About Me

Experienced Animal Trainer


Bringing you the best in Puppy and young dog training.

I specialize in young dogs and the ‘junior’ school foundation that will set them off in life to the perfect partnership and companionship with their owners.

Bringing a dog into your home and being part of your family evokes many wonderful mind pictures of happy times together. Let me help and support you as you bring these thoughts and dreams to fruition. The early days are the formative ones and by the age of 6 months often what you develop is what you will enjoy or potentially not always enjoy for the future times together. Housebreaking, walking on a leash, coming when called, greet guest nicely, enjoy the crate and be healthy and happy takes time and effort and is essential to the foundation of not only a good dog but the relationship you will build with your new ‘Best Friend”.

 I am here to provide just this specialized service to assist you in creating the perfect companion. A companion that you will be proud of and others will admire.

  I was born and raised in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, Italy. A region where down to earth politeness and respect is still second nature, with the addition of love and laughter to create not only a happy family but also a happy dog.

I now bring this ability to develop a dog that becomes that well-behaved family within your home. I believe that with the right start in life, structure, limits, boundaries and pleasure from doing right will create the dog of a life-time. In her words “Let me help and guide you to provide the foundation for a lifetime of happiness with your new companion.”  A well-behaved dog is a happy dog with a happy family.

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