Happy Pet Owners

"When I got my 8 weeks old Border Collie, Polo, he was very active and as a result,  his behavior was very difficult to control even during simple tasks like walking on a leash.

 I was struggling to keep him focused and on task.

Adriana Thought me how to be structure and consistent with Polo, as he slowly increased insight on how to behave around other humans and Dogs, I found myself to understand Polo better and fully enjoy my new best friend.

I am so thankful to Adriana for providing an excellent service

and giving me the knowledge to

make Polo a happy dog!

Bruce Stgoo


I got my little Gemma when she was only 15 weeks old.

I never owned a dog before. I contacted Adriana to help me with potty training and basic manners.

I must say that she made the process easy and enjoyable. Not only Gemma learned all the basic skills to be a good companion, she also thought me how to understand my dog's behavior.

Thank you Adriana for this wonderful experience.