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This class if fully booked. Please contact us for more information.

Daily Training Camp

More than just a Doggy Day Care!

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  • 299 US dollars
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What is this class?

A great alternative to a full Boarding and Training. Are you looking for something more for your dog than just daycare or boarding? This brand new program is for you!! Drop off your dog in the morning for an exciting day of learning, and pick him up the same evening. Our camp is packed with activities for your dog throughout the day. Followed by well balanced nap time and enrichment while resting in their climate controlled Kennels. As dog trainers, we understand the importance of structure and rest time in between all that fun! Your dog will learn basic obedience, engagement, agility skills, parkour activities, nose work, proper socialization through pack walks, and safe play groups. Yes! A day of learning. A place designed to stimulate your dog mentally and physically. You will also receive daily videos and training tips designed specifically for your dog. The course includes: Morning training sessions: obedience training: leash walking, sit, down, stay, come, how to work under distractions, how to be calm around other dogs, proper engagement and much, much more. Mid-morning training sessions: focusing on confidence building exercises, like agility, parkour, and more advanced skills to help your dog to overcome fear and reactivity. Afternoon training sessions: We will focus on some basic nose work (the best and most natural thing to do for any dog), pack walks, park outings, and play with structure. Each package includes all the activity above! Now, because we do understand each family has different requirements and budgets, we designed different packages. Package B: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 3 times per week, $299 1) Basic/Advanced Obedience 2)Agility/Parkour In-House 3) Pack walks + Nose work + Park outings 4) 1 lesson with a trainer per week 5) Enrichment (Kongs, pup cups, treats, etc.) 6) Videos and pictures Is your dog reactive? No problem! He will still be able to participate. Not only will he learn all the basic skills described above, but we will work on his reactivity to other dogs as well. For reactivity work, there is an extra charge of $85 per week. We provide a safe environment for all dogs! We have several fenced in training areas. Our groups are small and well-structured. We take only 5 dogs MAX daily to ensure quality care and individualized attention. You can’t pick up or drop off your dog? No problem! We will provide transportation for an extra charge. We do require that your dog is Kennel/Crate trained and Not Human aggressive.

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