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Boarding and Training

A well behaved dog is a Happy Dog

  • 1 hour
  • Hull

What is this class?

We do understand that life gets busy and even with good intentions we just don't have the time to implement a solid foundation with our dog. This program is a great solution for you and your best friend. What's included: We only use and recommend the best training equipment. This program : we will use a training collar (or different collars depending on the behavior of the dog), leash, long line, healthy treats, reward toy Training diary - We will log our sessions, so you will have a written road map for your dog. Support - got a question or is your dog doing something unexpected? Call us and we will be there to support you throughout the training program and for 6 months afterwards We will even film our sessions and provide you with a copy to keep. Your dog will learn: Sit, down, place, stay, heeling on leash, come, off, leave it, in every environment (store, park, restaurants) and leadership modification. We will stop the jumping, pulling, barking, lunging, whining, off furniture if desired, bolting and running away, resource guarding and much more.

Contact Us!

  • Hull

    +1 (954) 254 9871

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