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Justine Reale

One of my favorite quote:

"You never stop training, Because they never stop learning"

Nick Benger

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My Story

I have always loved and wanted to work with dogs. As a child, I begged my parents for a dog for over eleven

years before they finally relented, and read every dog related book I could get my hands on. After I graduated

college in 2015, I worked full time at a dog daycare and boarding facility, which taught me how to work with all

kinds of different dogs and personalities. While that job was fun, I always wanted to learn more about training,

so I started shadowing experienced dog trainers to learn more.

I moved to Georgia over two years ago to continue finding compassionate ways to work with people’s pets,

and have been working with Georgia Dog Trainer ever since. I know every dog and person is different, and

requires an approach and training plan that works for them! I am extremely passionate about working with

nervous or less confident dogs, as well as young puppies that are just starting off in their training journey. My

goal as a trainer is to help your relationship with your dog blossom into one that you’re proud of, and that fulfills

both human and dog.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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